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  Soil conditions under cormorant colonies favor for mites excepting Oribatida

Oszust, Mateusz and Klimaszyk, Piotr
2022 - Volume: 62, issue: 4
pages: 974-988

  A new species of the genus Aulobia Kethley (Acariformes: Syringophilidae) parasitizing Daphoenositta chrysoptera (Passeriformes: Neosittidae) in Australia

Skoracki, Maciej; Unsöld, Markus and Sikora, Bozena
2022 - Volume: 62, issue: 4
pages: 908-915

  Repellent properties of natural substances against Dermanyssus gallinae: review of knowledge and prospects for Integrated Pest Management

Soulié, Anne-Sophie; Sleeckx, Nathalie and Roy, Lise
2021 - Volume: 61, issue: 1
pages: 3-19

  Feather mites (Acari: Astigmata) of the Zoobotanical State Park in Teresina, Brazil

Lima Alves Moro, Maria Marta; Carvalho Waquim, Eric; Soares de Melo Evangelista, Luanna and Akashi Hernandes, Fabio
2019 - Volume: 59, issue: 4
pages: 424-432

  Eutrombicula tinami (Oudemans, 1910) (Trombidiformes: Trombiculidae) in Brazil: a neglected ectoparasite of several animals including humans

Bassini-Silva, Ricardo; de Castro Jacinavicius, Fernando; Pinter, Adriano; Fournier, Gislene F. S. R.; Lugarini, Camile; Ferreira, Ariane; Moreira-Lima, Luciano; Hingst-Zaher, Erika; Welbourn, Cal; Ochoa, Ron and Moraes Barros-Battesti, Darci
2019 - Volume: 59, issue: 4
pages: 412-423

  A new mite species of the genus Neottialges (Acariformes: Hypoderatidae) from the black stork Ciconia nigra (Ciconiiformes: Ciconiidae) in Portugal

Mironov, Sergey V. and Ramilo, David W.R.
2019 - Volume: 59, issue: 2
pages: 279-287

  A new species of the genus Eutrombicula Ewing, 1938 (Trombidiformes: Trombiculidae) and new records for the species Eutrombicula batatas (Linnaeus, 1758) in Brazil

Bassini-Silva, Ricardo; Jacinavicius, Fernando de Castro; Muñoz-Leal, Sebastián; Maturano, Ralph; Welbourn, W. Calvin; Ochoa, Ronald; Bauchan, Gary R. and Barros-Battesti, Darci M.
2018 - Volume: 58, issue: 4
pages: 976-986

  Ticks (Acari: Ixodida) of the genus Haemaphysalis Koch, 1844 in Senegal: a review of host associations, chorology, and identification

Sylla, Massamba; Ndiaye, Mady; Souris, Marc and Gonzalez, Jean-Paul
2018 - Volume: 58, issue: 4
pages: 928-945

  Two new feather mite species of the genus Montesauria Oudemans (Analgoidea: Proctophyllodidae) from thrushes (Passeriformes: Turdidae) in the Indian Subcontinent

Constantinescu, Ioana Cristina; Popa, Oana Paula; Popa, Luis Ovidiu; Cobzaru, Ioana; Mukhim, D. Khlur B. and Adam, Costică
2018 - Volume: 58, issue: 4
pages: 881-896

  Nasal mites from specimens of the brown-headed cowbird (Icteridae: Molothrus ater) from Texas and Arkansas, U.S.A.

Hilario-Pérez, Alexis D. and Dowling, Ashley P.G.
2018 - Volume: 58, issue: 2
pages: 296-301

  African chiggers (Acariformes: Trombiculidae) in the collection of Alex Fain, with a description of a new genus and three new species

Stekolnikov, Alexandr A.
2018 - Volume: 58, issue: 2
pages: 265-286

  Tiny mites on a great journey – a review on scutacarid mites as phoronts and inquilines (Heterostigmatina, Pygmephoroidea, Scutacaridae)

Baumann, Julia
2018 - Volume: 58, issue: 1
pages: 192-251

  Ixobrychiphilus, a new genus of the family Syringophilidae (Acariformes: Prostigmata)

Skoracki, Maciej; Zmudzinski, Mateusz and Solarczyk, Piotr
2017 - Volume: 57, issue: 2
pages: 269-273

  Avian feather mites (Acari: Astigmata) of Samsun, Turkey

Gurler, A.T.; Mironov, S.V. and Erciyes-Yavuz, K.
2013 - Volume: 53, issue: 1
pages: 17-23

  Isolation and characterization of new polymorphic microsatellite markers for the tick Ixodes ricinus (Acari, Ixodidae)

Noel, V.; Leger, E.; Gomez-Diaz, E.; Risterucci, A.-M. and McCoy, K.D.
2012 - Volume: 52, issue: 2
pages: 123-128

  Phylogeny of Dermanyssoidea (Acari: Parasitiformes) suggests multiple origins of parasitism

Dowling, A. and Oconnor, B.M.
2010 - Volume: 50, issue: 1
pages: 113-129

  Ticks (Acari: Ixodida) of Senegal: frequency of reported hosts, seasonal dynamics and chorology of Amblyomma (Xiphiastor) variegatum (Fabricius, 1794)

Sylla, M.; Molez, J.F.; Cornet, J.P.; Mondet, B. and Camicas, J.L.
2007 - Volume: 47, issue: 1-2
pages: 13-23

  Larvae and nymphs of Amblyomma tigrinum Koch,1844 and Amblyomma triste Koch, 1844 (Acari: Ixodidae) naturally parasitizing Sigmodontinae rodents

Nava, S.; Lareschi, M.; Abba, A.M.; Beldomenico, P.M.; Venzal, J.M.; Mangold, A.J. and Guglielmone, A.A.
2006 - Volume: 46, issue: 3-4
pages: 135-141

  Scanning electron microscopy and comparative morphology of argasid larvae (Acari: Ixodida: Argasidae) infesting birds in Egypt

Abdel-Shafy, S.
2005 - Volume: 45, issue: 1
pages: 3-12

  Argasidae (Acari: Ixodida) parasites of wild and domestic animals in Senegal: 2 - Arboviruses isolation and epidemiological implications

Sylla, M. and Thonnon, J.
2004 - Volume: 44, issue: 3-4
pages: 151-156

  New feather mites of the family Ascouracaridae (Astigmata: Pterolichoidea) from some parrots and nightjars

Mironov, S.V. and Fain, A.
2003 - Volume: 43, issue: 1-2
pages: 97-109

  A different developmental pattern of the seabird tick Amblyomma loculosum when lizards are present

Ramos, J.A.; Bowler, J.; Davis, L.; Venis, S.; Quinn, J. and Middleton, C.
2001 - Volume: 42, issue: 3
pages: 215-222

  New feather mite taxa (Acari: Analgoidea) and mites collected from native and introduced birds of New Zealand

Mironov, S.V. and Galloway, T.D.
2001 - Volume: 42, issue: 2
pages: 185-201

  Ticks on birds in Switzerland

Papadopoulos, B.; Humair, P.F.; Aeschlimann, A.; Vaucher, C. and Buttiker, W.
2001 - Volume: 42, issue: 1
pages: 3-19

  A contribution to the systematics of the mite family Harpirhynchidae (Acari: Cheyletoidea)

Fain, A.; Bochkov, A.V. and Mironov, S.V.
1999 - Volume: 40, issue: 1
pages: 37-54

  Contribution to the knowledge of Ixodes (Trichotoixodes) pari Leach (= I. frontalis (Panzer)) (Acari: Ixodidae), a tick specific to birds

Doby, J.M.
1998 - Volume: 39, issue: 4
pages: 315-325

  Ticks (Acarina: Ixodidae) of wild birds in the Ebro Middle Basin (North-East Spain)

Osacar-Jimenez, J.J.; Estrada-Pena, A. and Lucientes-Curdi, J.
1998 - Volume: 39, issue: 1
pages: 23-31

  Ixodid ticks of Maharashtra State, India

Geevarghese, G. and Dhanda, V.
1995 - Volume: 36, issue: 4
pages: 309-313

  Contribution to the study of tick vectors (Acarina: Ixodina) of Crimea-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) in Senegal. 2 - Biology, in preimaginal stases, of Hyalomma marginatum rufipes

Cornet, J.P.; Zeller, H. and Camicas, J.L.
1995 - Volume: 36, issue: 4
pages: 293-295

  Description and life cycle of Suladectes hughesae antipodus subspec. nov. (Acari, Hypoderatidae) associated with Sula bassana serrator Gray (Aves, Pelecaniformes) in New-Zealand

Fain, A. and Clark, J.M.
1994 - Volume: 35, issue: 4
pages: 361-371

  Mites (Acari) from nests of sea birds in New-Zealand.1. - Description and developmental stages of Psylloglyphus parapsyllus n. sp. (Winterschmidtiidae)

Fain, A. and Galloway, T.D.
1993 - Volume: 34, issue: 2
pages: 159-166

  Falculiferidae (Astigmata, Perolichoidea) infesting Columbiformes birds in West-Indies II. The genus Falculifer

Gaud, J. and Barre, N.
1992 - Volume: 33, issue: 4
pages: 367-375

  Life-history of the zeabird tick, Ixodes (Ceratixodes) uriae, at St-Abbs-Head, Scotland

Steele, G.M.; Davies, C.R.; Jones, L.D.; Nuttall, P.A. and Rideout, K.
1990 - Volume: 31, issue: 2
pages: 125-130

  The feather mites family Freyanidae, Dubinin .3. The subfamily Freyaninae

Gaud, J. and Atyeo, W.T.
1985 - Volume: 26, issue: 4
pages: 385-392

  Mites of the genus Megninia (Analgidae) parasitic upon Gallus gallus

Gaud, J.; Atyeo, W.T. and Barre, N.
1985 - Volume: 26, issue: 2
pages: 171-182

  Parasitic mites (Acarina, Arachnoidea) in wild birds trapped in poultry farms in Israel. 1. Species of mites and their hosts

Rosen, S.; Hadani, A. and Shoham, D.
1985 - Volume: 26, issue: 1
pages: 79-85

  Amblyomma loculosum, subgenus Adenopleura: first discovery in Madagascar

Perez, C. and Fontenille, D.
1984 - Volume: 25, issue: 2
pages: 145-146

  Six new species of quill wall mites (Astigmata: Laminosioptidae: Fainocoptinae) from African birds

Lombert, H.A.P.M.; Gaud, J. and Lukoschus, F.S.
1984 - Volume: 25, issue: 1
pages: 55-66

  On a new group of Acari in the family Pyroglyphidae (Astigmata) associated with African tropical woodpeckers of the families Capitonidae and Picidae

Fain, A. and Gaud, J.
1984 - Volume: 25, issue: 1
pages: 47-53

  A new genus and two new species of Pyroglyphinae (Acari, Astigmata, Pyroglyphidae) from South American birds

Fain, A.; Gaud, J. and Perez, T.M.
1982 - Volume: 23, issue: 2
pages: 165-170

  Haemaphysalis punctata Canestrini and Fanzago 1877, a tick of pastured sea dunes on the island of Texel (The Netherlands)

Garben, A.F.M.; Vos, H. and Bronswijk, J.E.M.H.v.
1982 - Volume: 23, issue: 1
pages: 19-25

  Coevolution of feather mites and their hosts

Gaud, J. and Atyeo, W.T.
1980 - Volume: 21, issue: 2
pages: 291-306

  Argas (Persicargas) persicus life-cycle under controlled and outdoor conditions

El-Kammah, K.M. and Abdel-Wahab, K.S.
1980 - Volume: 21, issue: 2
pages: 163-172

  Studies on mesostigmatid mites parasitic on mammals and birds in Japan. VII. Bat mites of the genus Paraperiglischrus Rudnick, 1960, with descriptions of the males of Paraperiglischrus sternalis Petrova and Taskaeva, 1975, and Paraperiglischrus hipposideros Baker and Delfinado, 1964

Uchikawa, K.
1980 - Volume: 21, issue: 1
pages: 9-17

  Three collections of Rhinonyssine nasal mites from Queensland birds

Domrow, R.
1979 - Volume: 20, issue: 4
pages: 485-516

  New superfamilies for astigmatic mites parasitic on birds

Gaud, J. and Atyeo, W.T.
1977 - Volume: 19, issue: 4
pages: 678-685

  The genus Austroglycyphagus Fain and Lowry, 1974 (Acarina, Astigmata, Glyciphagidae). Description of new species

Fain, A.
1975 - Volume: 17, issue: 4
pages: 709-729

  The biology of Ixodes (Ceratixodes) uriae White. 1852 in Newfoundland

Eveleigh, E.S. and Threlfall, W.
1974 - Volume: 16, issue: 4
pages: 621-635

  Some new species of Sarcoptiform feather mites (Analgidae and Dermoglyphidae) parasitic of european birds

Gaud, J.
1973 - Volume: 15, issue: 4
pages: 727-758

  The nasal mites of Cuban birds. 2. Ptilonyssidae and Rhinonyssidae (Acarina: Mesostigmata)

Calif, V. and Dusbabek, F.
1970 - Volume: 12, issue: 3
pages: 479-491

  Nasal mites of birds and mammals in Brazil. IV. New Ereynetidae (Trombidiformes) et Turbinoptidae (Sarcoptiformes) of the region of Belem (North Brazil)

Fain, A. and Aitken, T.H.G.
1970 - Volume: 12, issue: 2
pages: 326-338

  The nasal mites of Cuban birds. 1. Ascidae, Ereynetidae, Trombiculidae (Acarina)

Dusbdbek, F.
1970 - Volume: 12, issue: 2
pages: 269-281

  Nasal mites from Mexican birds. 1. Rhinonyssidae (Mesostigmata) from the host family Tyrannidae

Hyland, K.E. and Moorhouse, A.
1970 - Volume: 12, issue: 1
pages: 43-58

  Pteronyssus monoplax, a new species of feather mites (Avenzoariinae, Sarcoptiformes)

Cernu, V.
1969 - Volume: 11, issue: 2
pages: 290-294

  Blankaartia acuscutellans (Acarina: Trombiculidae) and its enlargment to Africa

Taufflieb, R.
1969 - Volume: 11, issue: 2
pages: 284-289

  A new species of Dermanyssus from marine birds, with observations on its biology (Acarina: Dermanyssidae)

Nelson, B.C. and Funnan, D.P.
1967 - Volume: 9, issue: 2
pages: 330-337

  The genus Dermatophagoides and its importance in respiratory and cutaneous allergies in man (Psoroptodae: Sarcoptiformes)

Fain, A.
1967 - Volume: 9, issue: 1
pages: 179-225

  Descriptions and redescriptions of five species of Neoschoengastia (Acarina, Trombiculidae) from the Oriental-Australian region

Nadchatram, M.
1967 - Volume: 9, issue: 1
pages: 141-151

  New laelapid nasal mites from Australian birds

Domrow, R.
1965 - Volume: 7, issue: 3
pages: 430-460

  Three speleognathid nasal mites from Australian birds

Domrow, R.
1965 - Volume: 7, issue: 1
pages: 43-48

  Fourteen species of Ptilonyssus from Australian birds (Acarina, Laelaptidae)

Domrow, R.
1964 - Volume: 6, issue: 4
pages: 595-623

  Four Thai chiggers with expanded sensillae (Acarina: Trombiculidae)

Domrow, R. and Nadchatram, M.
1964 - Volume: 6, issue: 3
pages: 476-483

  Two Schoutedenichia parasites of birds (Trombiculidae - Acarina)

Vercammen-Grandjean, P.H.
1964 - Volume: 6, issue: 1
pages: 118-122

  The acarine genus Syringophilus in North American birds

Clark, G.M.
1964 - Volume: 6, issue: 1
pages: 77-92

  Three new nasal mites from Australian birds (Acarina, Laelaptidae)

Domrow, R.
1964 - Volume: 6, issue: 1
pages: 26-34

  New species and new records of chiggers (Acarina: Trombiculidae) from Texas

Loomis, R.B. and Crossley, D.A., Jr.
1963 - Volume: 5, issue: 3
pages: 371-383

  A small form of Ornithodoros (Alectorobius) coniceps (Canestrini 1890) (Ixodoidea, Argasidae) from India and U.S.S.R. with wild birds as hosts in India

Hoogstraal, H.
1962 - Volume: 4, issue: 2
pages: 190-192

  Bhinonyssidae (Acari) from Madagascar. Agapornyssinae, n. s.-fam.; Agapornyssus, n. g.; Agapornyssus faini n. sp.; Ptilonyssus madagascariejisis n. sp. et Neonyssus marcandrei n. sp.; parasites of nasal cavities and lungs of Malgalasy birds

Gretillat, S.; Capron, A. and Brygoo, E.R.
1959 - Volume: 1, issue: 4
pages: 375-384

  New or unknown mites (Harpyrhynchidae, Listrophoridae), parasites of birds and mammals

Lawrence, R.F.
1959 - Volume: 1, issue: 1
pages: 106-118

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