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Three collections of Rhinonyssine nasal mites from Queensland birds

Domrow, R.

1979 - Volume: 20 Issue: 4 pages: 485-516


Rhinonyssines Queensland birds


Data concerning rhinonyssines from Bamaga, Kowanyama and Cherbourg are assembled, totalling 29 species from six genera (Tinaminyssиs, Larinyssиs, Rhinonyssиs, Rиandanyssиs, Ptilonyssиs and Sternostoma). Т. tanysipterae is newly recorded from Australia and Tanysiptera sylvia (Alcedinidae), Р. gery gonae from Acanthiza regиloides (Sylviidae), and Р. thymanzae from Meliphaga fиsca and М. melanops (Meliphagidae). Мапу of the seldom-seen males and immature stages are figured and described for the first time. А first supplement is given to ап earlier Australian host-parasite list. The setational patterns оп the appendages are listed for those forms for which these data were previously unavailable. In general, heavy reduction is соттоп in these endoparasites, the larval or protonymphal complement of setae being normally retained оп а majority of leg segments in the adult. However, while deviation from the normal adu1t condition in free-living dermanyssids is so marked, and the reduced pattern in апу опе rhinonyssine species is reasonably stable, the patterns appear so arbitrary that they тау Ье of use not so much in primary identification as in confirming ап identification reached Ьу other means.

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1979 Domrow, R.
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