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  Taxonomic contribution to the knowledge of the oribatid mite family Epimerellidae (Acari, Oribatida, Oppioidea)

Ermilov, Sergey G. and Makarova, Olga L.
2023 - Volume: 63, issue: 1
pages: 241-252

  Teneriffia hajiqanbari sp. nov. (Acari: Trombidiformes: Teneriffiidae), first record of the genus from Iran, with a key to world species of Teneriffia

Paktinat-Saeij, Saeid and Kazemi, Shahrooz
2022 - Volume: 62, issue: 1
pages: 262-269

  A new genus and species of Digamasellidae (Acari: Mesostigmata) displaying some extraordinary gnathosomal structures

Faraji, Farid; Zare, Mohsen and Rahmani, Hasan
2021 - Volume: 61, issue: 4
pages: 967-977

  A new species of Paracarophenax (Acari: Heterostigmata: Acarophenacidae) associated with Triplax scutellaris (Coleoptera: Erotylidae) from European Russia

Khaustov, Alexander A. and Abramov , Vladimir V.
2018 - Volume: 58, issue: 2
pages: 332-341

  Oribatid mites (Acari, Oribatida) from dipterocarp and polydominant forests of the Dong Nai Culture and Nature Reserve (Southern Vietnam), with description of a new species of Lyroppia (Oppiidae)

Ermilov, S.G. and Anichkin, A.E.
2013 - Volume: 53, issue: 1
pages: 101-109

  The oribatid mite genus Ceratorchestes (Acari, Oribatida, Peloppiidae)

Ermilov, S.G. and KalĂșz, S.
2012 - Volume: 52, issue: 2
pages: 165-172

  Description of immature stages of Prasadiseius cocytes (Prasad, 1970) (Acari: Otopheidomenidae)

Prasad, V.
2012 - Volume: 52, issue: 1
pages: 59-86

  Redescription of adults of Prasadiseius cocytes (Prasad, 1970) (Acari: Otopheidomenidae)

Prasad, V.
2011 - Volume: 51, issue: 2
pages: 165-189

  Redescription of Papillacarus hirsutus with remarks on taxonomic status of Papillacarus arboriseta (Acari: Oribatida: Lohmanniidae)

Ermilov, S.G.; Shimano, S. and Vu, Q.M.
2011 - Volume: 51, issue: 2
pages: 155-163

  New oribatid mites of the genera Pulchroppia and Lineoppia (Acari: Oribatida: Oppiidae) from Cat Tien National Park in Southern Vietnam

Ermilov, S.G. and Anichkin, A.E.
2011 - Volume: 51, issue: 1
pages: 31-42

  Morphology and function of the gnathosoma in the Histiostomatidae (Astigmata)

Wirth, S.
2006 - Volume: 46, issue: 1-2
pages: 103-109

  Description of a new species, Bonomia opuntiae n. sp. (Histiomatidae, Astigmata), with observations on the function of its eyes

Wirth, S.
2005 - Volume: 45, issue: 4
pages: 303-319

  Preliminary study on the genus Pterygosoma Peters, 1849 (Actinedida, Pterygosomidae): Complementary description of Pterygosoma bibronii Jack, 1962, and notes on evolutionary characters of Pterygosomidae

Bertrand, M.; Paperna, I. and Finkelman, S.
1995 - Volume: 36, issue: 2
pages: 133-143

  Some notes on morphology of mites of the genus Pygmephorus (Acari, Heterostigmata)

Dastych, H. and Rack, G.
1993 - Volume: 34, issue: 2
pages: 131-141

  Notes on Dermacentor (Acari: Ixodidae) ticks (IV): morphological covariation of D. marginatus (Sulzer)

Estrada-Pena, A. and Estrada-Pena, R.
1992 - Volume: 33, issue: 3
pages: 245-259

  Distribution of Ixodidae parasites of Doryctolagus cuniculus (L) on host and its governing factors

Marquez, F.J. and Guiguen, C.
1992 - Volume: 33, issue: 2
pages: 141-148

  Scanning-electron microscopy observations on the family of the Spinturnicidae (Acarina, Mesostigmata). III Ultrastructure of the gnathosoma

Deunff, J.
1986 - Volume: 27, issue: 2
pages: 99-105

  Comparative and functional morphology of the gnathosoma of Tetranychus urticae (Acari: Tetranychidae)

Andre, H.M. and Remacle, C.
1984 - Volume: 25, issue: 2
pages: 179-190

  Functional morphology of the gnathosoma in Myobia musculi (Schrank, 1781) (Trombidiformes-Acari)

Paran, T.P.
1982 - Volume: 23, issue: 4
pages: 347-357

  Observations with scanning electornic microsope on the family Spinturnicidae (Acarina, Mesostigmata). I. General morphology

Deunff, J.
1982 - Volume: 23, issue: 2
pages: 103-111

  Functional microscopic anatomy of the digestive system of Tetranychus urticae (Acari, Tetranychidae)

Mothes, U. and Seitz, K.A.
1981 - Volume: 22, issue: 3
pages: 257-270

  Malaysian parasitic mites. I. New Rosensteiniidae (Astigmata) from Cheiromeles torquatus Horsfield (Chiroptera) and from the associated Arixenia spp. (Dermaptera)

Fain, A.; Lukoschus, F.S. and Nadchatram, M.
1981 - Volume: 22, issue: 2
pages: 187-198

  A generic revision of the family Tydeidae (Acari, Actinedida) .2. Organotaxy of the idiosoma and gnathosoma

Andre, H.M.
1981 - Volume: 22, issue: 1
pages: 31-46

  Observations on the species Cosmogneta kargi Grandjean 1963: protonymph and tritonymph. In addition to the study of gnathosoma

Lions, J.C.
1975 - Volume: 17, issue: 2
pages: 346-363

  Interaction between Ornithocheyletia hallae Smiley 1970 (Acarina, Cheyletiellidae) and Micromonospora chalcea (Foulerton 1905) Orskov 1923 (Streptomycetaceae, Actinomycetales) in the skin of pigeon

Haarlov, N. and Morch, J.
1975 - Volume: 17, issue: 2
pages: 284-299

  Notes on the morphological value of embryological data

van der Hammen, L.
1972 - Volume: 14, issue: 4
pages: 520-525

  Peridispus foliiger n.g., n. sp., new Tarsonemid from the Ivory Coast (Scutacaridae: Peridispodinae n. subfam.)

Athias, F.
1971 - Volume: 13, issue: 4
pages: 585-592

  Phylogeny of opilioacarids and their affinity with the other mites

van der Hammen, L.
1970 - Volume: 12, issue: 3
pages: 465-473

  General notes on the fondamental structure of the Gnathosoma

van der Hammen, L.
1970 - Volume: 12, issue: 1
pages: 16-22

  The external morphology of the post embryonic developmental stages of Spinturnix myoti (Acari: Mesostigmata)

Evans, G.O.
1968 - Volume: 10, issue: 4
pages: 589-608

  General introduction to the classification, the morphological terminology, the ontogenesis and the evolution of mites

Hammen, L.v.d.
1968 - Volume: 10, issue: 3
pages: 401-412

  Mouthparts of the Eylais larva (Hydrachnellae)

Wainstein, B.A.
1963 - Volume: 5, issue: 4
pages: 616-619

  The addition of segments during the postembryonic ontogenesis of the Actinotrichida (Acarida) and its importance for the recog-nition of the primary subdivision of the body and the original segmentation

Hammen, L.v.d.
1963 - Volume: 5, issue: 3
pages: 443-454

  Nycteriglyphus bifolium n.sp., a new cavernicolous mite associated with bats (Chiroptera) (Acarina: Glycyphagidae)

Strandtmann, R.W.
1962 - Volume: 4, issue: 4
pages: 623-631

  Studies on the mite Riccardoella eweri (Lawrence) parasitic on the Egyptian toad Bufo regularis Reuss

Lutfy, R.G.
1960 - Volume: 2, issue: 2
pages: 183-198

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