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  Response of the honey bee Apis mellifera (Hymenoptera Apidae) to the presence of the ectoparasite Varroa destructor (Mesostigmata: Varroidae). I. The hygienic behaviour

Marcangeli, J.A.
2003 - Volume: 43, issue: 3
pages: 249-254

  The mites (Oribatei) of the arid zones of Argentina. 2. Huilichevemaeus michaii, n. gen., n. sp.

Fernandez, N.A.; Marcangeli, J. and Eguaras, M.
1997 - Volume: 38, issue: 1
pages: 79-85

  Contribution to the knowledge of the family Liodidae in Argentina.I. Liodes marplatensis and Liodes elongatus, new species

Fernandez, A.; Marcangeli, J.A. and Martinez, P.A.
1995 - Volume: 36, issue: 3
pages: 247-259

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