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The restriction of the species range of lxodes scopularis, Say, in Massachusetts by fall and winter temperature

McEnroe, W.D.

1976 - Volume: 18 Issue: 4 pages: 618-625


Acari Ixodes scapularis Distribution patterns Species range climatic effects Massachusetts


The species range of Ixodes scapitlaris (Say) in Massachusetts is restricted to a small coastal area of Southeast Massachusetts by a minor climatological gradient present during the fall and winter. Heat from seawater keeps the fall and winter temperatures above those inland such that I. scapu.laris can just maintain enough adult seasonal activity and a one year generation to establish a population. Minor shifts around the average mean temperature produce population crashes and explosions. Under these marginal climatic conditions, this species requires a high adult host density to maintain an infestation level.

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1976 McEnroe, W.D.
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