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Some Actinedida (Prostigmata) in the soil of North America. IX. New larval forms of Trombidiidae (Acari)

Robaux, P.

1977 - Volume: 19 Issue: 2 pages: 258-271


Actinedida Trombididae Diplothrombium newelli Microtrombidium keithleyi larva North America new species


Observations sur quelques Actinedida (= Prostigmates) du sol d Amerique du Nord. IX. Nouvelles formes larvaires de Trombidions (Acari). - Description of two new larval Trombidiids mites from U.S.A. belonging to the family Johnstonianidae (Diplothrombium newelli n. sp.} and to the family Trombidiidae (Microtrombidium keithleyi n. sp.}.

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1977 Robaux, P.


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