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Oviposition by two Australian species of reptile tick

Chilton, N.B. and Bull, C.M.

1993 - Volume: 34 Issue: 2 pages: 115-121


Amblyomma limbatum Aponomma hydrosauri oviposition


A comparison was made of the number and viability of eggs laid by females of two reptile tick species, Amblyomma limbatum and Aponomma hydrosauri on each day of the ovipositional cycle. The ovipositional curves of both species followed a similar pattern, with the number of eggs laid increasing sharply during the first few days but then gradually declining. The peak of the oviposition period of Amb. limbatum females was however two days earlier than that of Ap. hydrosauri females. Amb. limbatum females also laid significantly more eggs than Ap. hydrosauri of an equivalent body weight and their eggs were significantly fighter in weight. These differences may reflect adaptations to the different conditions experienced by each species throughout most of their range.

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1993 Chilton, N.B. and Bull, C.M.
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