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Studies on the morphology and Ssystematics of the Teneriffiidae (Acari, Prostigmata). 1. A new species of Neoteneriffiola from Namibia

Judson, M.

1994 - Volume: 35 Issue: 2 pages: 115-134


Teneriffiidae morphology systematics Namibia


Neoteneriffiola Hirst is removed from synonymy with the poorly known genus Parateneriffia Thor. A new species, Neoteneriffiola coineaui, is described from Namibia. This species can be readily distinguished from N. luxoriensis Hirst (rev. comb.), by its large size; strong, linear neotrichy of the pedal solenidia; and the relatively large dorsal plates of the opisthosoma. A detailed study of the morphology of N. coineaui is presented. The following characters are recorded for the first time in Teneriffiidae: two pairs of prodorsal trichobothria; a distinct, pigmented ventro-median eye on the naso; two pairs of stigmata and tracheae with common atria; and sexual dimorphism of the pedal solenidia. The homologies and notations of the podocephalic and intracapitular glands of Prostigmata are discussed. A gland duct homologous with gl.c III of Caeculidae and the Lassenia-organ of certain Parasitengona, is demonstrated in Teneriffiidae. The oncophysis of the chelicera bears a hollow, spine-like process which may represent the duct of a cheliceral gland. The process of the palpal tibia is here named the palpal oncophysis. Heteroteneriffia mortoni Luxton is transferred to the genus Teneriffia Thor (n. comb.).

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1994 Judson, M.
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