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Three new species of Tetranychidae (Acari, Prostigmata) from the French Alps (South-Eastern France)

Auger, P. and Migeon, A.

2014 - Volume: 54 Issue: 1 pages: 15-37


Acari Tetranychidae Bryobia cinereae n. sp. Bryobia mercantourensis n. sp. Eotetranychus quercicola n. sp. Bryobia longisetis comb. nov. ATBI France


Collection efforts in the framework of the European All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory conducted in the Mercantour national Park located in the Alps mountain range of southern France disclosed three new species of Tetranychid mites. The species described in the current paper are: Bryobia cinereae n. sp., Bryobia mercantourensis n. sp. and Eotetranychus quercicola n. sp.. Both Bryobia species were collected on Genista cinerea and E. quercicola on Quercus pubescens. A new combination is also proposed for Bryobia longisetis, previously placed in Pseudobryobia by Wainstein (1960).

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2014 Auger, P. and Migeon, A.


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