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New and unrecorded oppioid mites (Acari: Oribatida) from Yozgat Pine Grove National Park, Turkey

Toluk, A. and Ayyildiz, N.

2008 - Volume: 48 Issue: 3-4 pages: 209-223


Acari Oribatida Oppioidea Autognetidae Oppiidae new species new records Yozgat Pine Grove National Park Turkey


Ten oppioid mites are reported from the Yozgat Pine Grove National Park of Turkey included two new species. These are Ramusella (Insculptoppia) salmani n. sp., Oxyoppia (Dzarogneta) baranae n. sp., Berniniella (Berniniella) serratirostris hauseri, Moritzoppia (Moritzoppia) escotata escotata, Moritzoppia (Moritzoppia) problematica, Microppia arcuata, Moritzoppia (Moritzoppia) keilbachi, Rhinoppia trilobata and Ramusella (Ramusella) sengbuschi sengbuschi of the family Oppiidae and Autogneta (Autogneta) parva of the family Autognetidae. Habitat and distribution for each species are given. Oppioid mites were collected from soil and litter under pine forest (Pinus nigra J. F. Arnold subsp. pallasiana (Lamb.) Holmboe), lichen and moss using Berlese funnels.

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2008 Toluk, A. and Ayyildiz, N.
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