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Morfometric and intraspecific variations between specimens of Tycherobius stramenticola and Tycherobius polonicus (Acari: Camerobiidae) from Turkey

Koc, K. and Akyol, M.

2007 - Volume: 47 Issue: 3-4 pages: 139-142


Tycherobius stramenticola Tycherobius polonicus Camerobiidae intraspecific variations setal length Turkey


This study reports on variations between specimens of T. stramenticola Bolland, 1986 and T. polonicus Bolland, 1986. Significant differences were observed in setal lengths and abnormal variations of specimens of both species. However, the setal variations observed raised the following questions: (i) what is the validity of other closely related species whose setal lengths differ only slightly from those of T. stramenticola and T. polonicus? (ii) are setal lengths useful characters to distinguish between closely related species in the genus Tycherobius?

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2007 Koc, K. and Akyol, M.
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