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Predatory soil mites (Acari, Mesostigmata, Gamasina) from the Western Baltic Coast of Latvia

Salmane, I. and Heldt, S.

2000 - Volume: 41 Issue: 3 pages: 295-301


soil microarthropods Gamasina Baltic coast coastal habitats dunes driftline


Sampling (organic debris of the driftline and rhizosphere of characteristic plants of the primary and yellow dunes) was carried out at six sites along the Kurzeme Coast of Latvia (Eastern Europe). Among 37 Gamasina species recorded, 14 were new for the fauna of Latvia. Yellow dunes were the richest in species (25 species), followed by driftline habitats (18 species) and primary dunes with 16 species. The greatest abundance was found in driftline habitats followed by yellow and primary dunes. At the investigated habitats distinct Gamasina communities were found, with about 2/3 of all species being typical for each habitat type. Great differences in the numbers of individuals among the investigated habitat types revealed consequences of the diversity of ecological conditions. Minirhodacarellus minimus seems to have a preference for Festuca rubra (s.l.).

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2000 Salmane, I. and Heldt, S.
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