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  The eriophyid mite Aculops ailanthi Lin, Jin, & Kuang, 1997 (Acariformes: Prostigmata: Eriophyidae) from tree-of-heaven in the United States – new state records and morphological observations

Skvarla, Michael J.; Ochoa, Ron; Ulsamer, Andrew and Amrine, James
2021 - Volume: 61, issue: 1
pages: 121-127

  Collohmannia johnstoni n. sp. (Acari, Oribatida) from West Virginia (U.S.A.), including description of ontogeny, setal variation, notes on biology and systematics of Collohmanniidae

Norton, R.A. and Sidorchuk, E.A.
2014 - Volume: 54, issue: 3
pages: 271-334

  New Carabodes (Acari, Oribatida, Carabodidae) from the Southern Appalachian mountains, USA

Reeves, R.M.
1993 - Volume: 34, issue: 4
pages: 363-376

  A study of North-American Veigaia (Acarina, Mesostigmata) with comparisons of habitats of unisexual and bisexual forms

Hurlbutt, H.W.
1984 - Volume: 25, issue: 3
pages: 207-222

  Three new species of Veigaia (Acarina) from West Virginia

Pike, D.E. and Jarroll, E.L., Jr.
1976 - Volume: 18, issue: 3
pages: 393-403

  Some Actinedida (= Prostigmates) of the soil of North America. IV. A new larval form and its adult belonging to the subfamily Microthrombidiinae (Acari, Thrombidiidae)

Robaux, P.
1975 - Volume: 17, issue: 3
pages: 508-518

  Ovacaridae, a new family of Sarcoptiform feather mites

Gaud, J. and Atyeo, W.T.
1975 - Volume: 17, issue: 1
pages: 169-176

  Redescriptions of two poorly known species of cavernicolous rhagidiid mites (Acarina: Trombidiformes) from Virginia and Kentucky

Holsinger, J.R.
1965 - Volume: 7, issue: 4
pages: 654-662

  The acarine genus Syringophilus in North American birds

Clark, G.M.
1964 - Volume: 6, issue: 1
pages: 77-92

  Psoric mites parasite of bats. XVII The genus Bakeracarus Fain 1959 (Sarcoptidae)

Fain, A.
1961 - Volume: 3, issue: 1
pages: 72-77

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