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  Comparative morphological and biological studies of two rhagidiid mites: Robustocheles deltacus and Rhagidia qaliubiensis

Abou-Awad, B.A.; El-Sawaf, B.M.; Reda, A.S. and Abdel-Khalek, A.A.
2011 - Volume: 51, issue: 3
pages: 381-393

  Four new species of Rhagidiid mites from Egypt (Acari: Eupodoidea: Rhagidiidae)

Abou-Awad, B.A.; El-Sawaf, B.M. and Abdel-Khalek, A.A.
2009 - Volume: 49, issue: 3-4
pages: 139-155

  A new species of the genus Evadorhagidia (Acari: Prostigmata: Rhagidiidae) from talus ecosystems, with a key to the world species of the genus

Zacharda, M.
1999 - Volume: 40, issue: 4
pages: 373-383

  The Rhagidiid mites of Egypt (Acari, Eupodoidea, Rhagidiidae)

Abou-Awad, B.A.
1985 - Volume: 26, issue: 3
pages: 253-259

  Reproductive behavior of Rhagionidae (Acarina Trombidiformes)

Ehrnsberger, R.
1977 - Volume: 19, issue: 1
pages: 67-73

  Redescriptions of two poorly known species of cavernicolous rhagidiid mites (Acarina: Trombidiformes) from Virginia and Kentucky

Holsinger, J.R.
1965 - Volume: 7, issue: 4
pages: 654-662

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