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  An unexpected finding of mammal mites (Psoroptidia: Sarcoptoidea) on a bird

Pedroso, Luiz Gustavo de Almeida and Hernandes, Fabio Akashi
2018 - Volume: 58, issue: 4
pages: 963-966

  Study of some mites (Acari) infesting Microtus nivalis Martins, in Spain

Diaz-Lopez, M.; Soler-Cruz, M.D.; Benitez-Rodriguez, R.; Ruiz-Martinez, I.; Perez-Jimenez, J.M. and Adalid-Fuentes, C.
1991 - Volume: 32, issue: 1
pages: 61-70

  Myocoptes ondatrae spec. nov. a new parasit of Ondatra zibethica L. (Listrophoridae: Sarcoptiformes)

Lukoschus, F. and Rouwet, J.G.J.H.
1968 - Volume: 10, issue: 3
pages: 483-492

  On the adult and immature stages of Myocoptes musculinus (Koch) with notes on its biology and classification

Watson, D.P.
1960 - Volume: 2, issue: 3
pages: 335-344

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