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  Torrenticola trimaculata n. sp. (Parasitengona: Torrenticolidae), a three-spotted water mite from eastern North America: taxonomic history, species delimitation, and survey of external morphology

Fisher, J.R.; Fisher, D.M.; Nelson, W.A.; O'Neill, J.C.; Skvarla, M.J.; Ochoa, R.; Bauchan, G.R.; Radwell, A.J. and Dowling, A.P.G.
2015 - Volume: 55, issue: 1
pages: 71-116

  Species list and habitat preference of Mesostigmata mites (Acari, Parasitiformes) in Latvia

Salmane, I. and Brumelis, G.
2010 - Volume: 50, issue: 3
pages: 373-394

  The genus Eremaeozetes (Acari: Oribatida) on the Galapagos Islands

Schatz, H.
2000 - Volume: 41, issue: 4
pages: 475-493

  Contribution to our knowledge of the genus Scapheremaeus inhabiting epiphytic plants. I. Scapheremaeus tillandsiae sp. n.

Fernandez, N.A. and Cleva, R.
1997 - Volume: 38, issue: 3
pages: 289-296

  A new Mexican arboreal Mycobates (Oribatei, Mycobatidae)

Palacios-Vargas, J.G. and Vázquez, I.M.
1988 - Volume: 29, issue: 1
pages: 87-93

  A new arboreal Scheloribatidae, with ecological notes on epiphytic Oribatid mites of Popocatepetl, Mexico

Norton, R.A. and Palaciosvargas, J.G.
1987 - Volume: 28, issue: 1
pages: 75-89

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