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Otopheidomenids from the Antilles and elsewhere

Treat, A.E.

1965 - Volume: 7 Issue: 1 pages: 1-16


Acari Panama Cuba Haiti Jamaica Puerto Rico Hemipteroseius physiology parasitism new species


Among 1,002 museum specimens of pyrrhocorid bugs, especially Dysdercus spp., from the Antilles, tropical America, and parts of the Eastern Hemisphere, 84 were infested with otopheidomenid mites. These included four previously undescribed species of H emipterosezus: antilleus, parvulus, ageneius, and sabbaticus. H. indicus is recorded from the Congo; a pharate male of this species shows that the deutonymphal stage is not suppressed. A partial description of the larva of Treatia dysderci is given. Host preference may be a factor contributing to isolation and speciation in the genus Hemipteroseius. Most mite colonies were on the abdominal dorsum of the hosts, but those of H. antilleus were sandwiched between the fore and hind wing surfaces. The ventral position of the anus in H. ageneius and H. sabbaticus contrasts with its terminal position in other Otopheidomenidae and complicates the characterization of the family.

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1965 Treat, A.E.
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