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The Selenoribatidae, a thalassobionte family oribatid (Oribatei)

Schuster, R.

1977 - Volume: 19 Issue: 1 pages: 155-160


Acari Selenoribatidae Nanorchestes Herbivorous feeding Algae Spermatophore Morphology deposition Marine littoral zone


Die Selenoribatidae, eine thalassobionte Familie der Hornmilben (Oribatei). - Selenoribatids are recorded from the coasts of 3 continents (fig. l, 2), where they inhabit different littoral formations . 5 species are known: Selenoribates joveiventris STRENZKE, 1961; S. mediterraneus GRANDJEAN, 1966; S. ghardaqens1:s ABD-EL-HAMID, 1974; Thalassozetes riparius ScHUSTER, 1963; Schusteria littorea GRANDJEAN, 1968; undescribed species exist (a monography of selenoribatids is in preparation). The correct nomenclature is: Selenoribatidae GRANDJEAN, 1966, not ScHUSTER, 1963 sensu BALOGH. Selenoribatids are probably carnivorous; sometimes rests of tardigrads have been found in the gut.

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1977 Schuster, R.
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